Krav Maga Federation of America

2018 Krav Maga
Instructor Certification

Krav Maga
Law Enforcement Course

Krav Maga
Air Marshal Certification

Krav Maga Federation of America organizes following courses:

Instructor Courses:

★ Level 1: Civilian Instructor
★ Level 2: Police Instructor
★ Level 3: Army Instructor
★ Level 4: Bodyguard Instructor
★ Level 5: Air Marshal Instructor
★ Level 6: International Instructor
★ Level 7: Expert Instructor

Self Defense Courses:

★ Self Defense Course
★ Women's Self Defense Course
★ Law Enforcement Course
★ Military Course
★ Private Security Course
★ Close Protection Course
★ Disarming Active Shooter on Premises (For schools, corporations & organizations)

After completion of your course we will provide you continued support by:

★ Awarding you prestigious membership with our organization
★ Giving you opportunity to train with us
★ Conducting belt tests for you and your students
★ Organizing additional courses with Master Cohen


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